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Henrik Järleblad

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  • henrikj@dtu.dk
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Theoretical Physics


To understand how the universe works, and how the smallest building blocks interact and contribute to form the biggest building blocks, is intriguing. To complete my civil engineering degree at KTH, I chose to undertake a Master of Science in Theoretical Physics and I think it was that curiousity that drove me to it. How the laws of nature makes everything tick really arouses my curiousity and motivates me to want to learn more.

The technology of the future will be realised using the theories of today. Being able to handle complex problems in theoretical physics makes it easy for me to find the calm and experience to tackle complex problems in other areas.


To use mathematics as a tool to calculate, analyze or model reality is something I am very comfortable with. Everything from Fouriertransforms to multidimensional vector spaces to integrals and tensor calculations is within my comfort zone, and I enjoy working closely with mathematics in my problem solving sessions.

Bachelor Thesis - The Royal Institute of Technology
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