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Henrik Järleblad

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I firmly believe that the solutions to many of the problems we face in the future will be fascilitated with the aid of artificial intelligence. Additionally, within the tech and engineering sector, being a great programmer is a powerful skill to have. Today, enourmous amount of data is generated globally every minute and techniques such as machine learning and AI are powerful tools to refine and utilize the potential in that data.

Globally, we are currently facing complex challanges with many contributing factors, such as global warming. I believe AI and programming will be part of the key tools to develop suitable innovative solutions.

Words of caution have been voiced regarding a post-singularity society in which general AI have surpassed humans in every skill possible. I personally feel that the more familiar I am with that field in general, the more well-informed decisions I will be able to make regarding that issue in the future.

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So far, I have worked in Python, Java, Julia, C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, COMSOL and MATLAB. I am also familiar with SQL and REST.

Regarding skills related to neural networks, I have worked mainly in MATLAB and Python (Keras, Tensorflow). I will confortably work with several types of networks (NN, DNN, CNN, RNN). Related AI-concepts such as Hidden Markov Models and different types of optimized search-algorithms are also well within my comfort zone, and I find it all very interesting.

To use different tools such as AI and programming to develop innovative solutions and contribute to a sustainable future is a passion of mine.